About Me


My name is Pete Brisbourne (not Peter, only my mum calls me that - usually when I've forgotten to do something) and Happy Fox Games is my little corner of the internet.


Here I make games, and write stories. Well, I don't actually make them here in internet land, I make them at my desk at home, which at the time of writing seems to have an old VHS player on it. I'm not sure why.

I believe in lots of things.


I believe, for instance, if making instant coffee you should add the milk first. I believe that storytelling is one of the most magical and powerful forces in our world.

And I believe games can be a force for good, if we want to them be, and be a source of joy for players and developers alike.

Things you might want to look at:


My portfolio (email me for a password)

Places I Have Existed In


Oh I also like apple crumbles.