The point & throw adventure game



Once upon a time there was a game jam about 'incompatible genres' which sounds like a terrible flavour of jam but actually wasn't so bad after a lot of coffee. Anyway, after an incident with a post-it note and a kettle an idea was born.


It started as a thought; how would a point and click adventure game work in first person?

Hmmm. An interesting question!

What I came up with was a quirky idea about a police detective trying to leave his office by hurling verbs around. I thought it was hilarious, and it had me smiling / pulling my hair out trying to code it for two days.

After the jam ended I just couldn't get the idea out of my head. What was created in two days was like a digital Jenga tower of instability, so I thought it would be fun to keep tinkering with it and learn how to remake it better, stronger, and less likely to collapse in a pile of C# errors. Eventually that all led to this tweet in 2019.

All of a sudden people were saying "Hey, that's kinda cool."

And I was like "Really? How cool are we talk'in?"

And they were like "At least a hat and some nice thick mittens."

And I do like nice warm mittens.


I already felt the idea was worth doing, but I came away believing in it even more so. I believe this could be a funny, simple and joyful adventure game with a whole lot of heart and I want to see more games like that in the world.

I'm just making a game I would like to play.

Who is tobin?

100% fox, 100% crafty thief, making him a whopping 200% crafty foxy fox thief.


Tobin Foxtail has always had a unique way with words and using them to get by in the world. At a young age he liked collecting fireflies and putting them in jars, and when not doing that, would throw verbs to steal the snacks on the high shelves of kitchen cupboards.

In Tobin's Tale we follow Tobin's tail while on the trail of The Words Of Power, a mystical lost treasure. Along the way, Tobin learns that words can do more than just steal snacks and gems; words can change the world.


  • Treasure and big colourful gems

  • Apples

  • Rocking out with a lute

  • Sneaking and doing little tiptoe runs between crates like you see in cartoons


  • Evil dark wizards trying to end him before breakfast

  • Guards with and without sharp pointy sticks

  • Celery


Look At

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What's the plan?

  • Developing a short demo in Unity

  • Release the demo for free

  • See what people think and if there is a desire for a bigger game

Do I want to know more?

Yes, you want to know when the demo is done. Oh wait, but how will you know? I see the problem here. Hmm. Ok, if you put your email address in below when the time is right I will (carefully) throw some electronic words at you. That ought to do it.